Help your little ones learn to love the water!


We pride ourselves on being the best possible place for your children to learn to swim. Swimming is an essential life skill for kids, so we want to make sure they have tons of fun whilst learning. 

An experienced team of friendly teachers are here to ensure your child develops positive and long-lasting experiences in the water. Our friendly, experienced, and patient instructors are qualified to provide swimming lessons for children aged from just 3 months old. 

They’ll follow a programme to teach your children the fundamentals of swimming in a fun and safe manner, matching the structure and approach of the Swim England ‘Learn to Swim’ course.

Our kids swimming lessons are divided into stages and designed to suit your child’s ability, so you should see them progress through the different levels. They’ll move from basic skills, buoyancy and balance to more complex techniques such as backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

With pool-based games to meaningful parent feedback and badges, we’ll ensure that your children stay engaged and enthusiastic as they develop crucial skills and grow in confidence. 

We also make sure groups remain small to allow kids to receive the individual attention they need from an instructor, so you needn’t worry about your child being left behind or becoming unsafe at any point while they’re in the water. 

What should I expect?

Children’s swimming lessons must be booked following a conversation with one of our team members, once you have booked your child onto WELL swimming lessons, aim to arrive poolside a few minutes before the start of your class, where our teacher will be ready to welcome you. 

The first lesson can be a little daunting, but our friendly teachers will be ready to ensure a positive and fun experience. 

Reward and recognition of your child’s progress will be given on a regular basis and badges can be collected along the way. 

What should I Bring?



Goggles (optional)

Swim cap (optional)

Positive attitude and lots of enthusiasm 

How do I sign up?

Once you have completed the initial enquiry form, one of our passionate team members will call you to discuss what stage is right for your child.

How do I keep track of my child’s progress?

As part of the swimming programme, you will receive access to a free parent portal where you will see up to date information on your child’s progress and achievements. Each stage of our programme has specific criteria that children will work towards meeting. Once they have completed the criteria for that stage, they will receive a badge and move up to the next stage of their swimming journey. 

Let’s make this swim journey a great one!

If you have any questions, concerns, or need to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to contact us at WLBCLeisure@westlancs.gov.uk

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